Rudolph Clarke Partner Peter Amuso quoted in the Legal Intelligencer

PeterAmusoInteresting article in the Legal Intelligencer citing Rudolph Clarke Partner Peter Amuso on the need of municipalities and school districts for more sophisticated legal advice and assistance from their solicitors.  We are rightfully very proud of our deep and experienced municipal law and litigation team here at Rudolph Clarke.  Our team approach puts expert legal advice on a wide range of issues only a phone call away for our clients.

Municipalities that traditionally worked with solo practitioners or generalists are beginning to move away from that, Rudolph Clarke attorney Peter Amuso said.  “Now there’s a sense that they really do need some more expertise,” Amuso said. But “I still think it’s a space that it’s harder for large firms to play in. Larger firms have higher rent, bigger footprints, more overhead.”

So working with a midsize firm can pair efficiency with low overhead costs.