The attorneys and paralegals at Rudolph Clarke, LLC have experience successfully representing private property owners, school districts, and counties in tax assessment appeal litigation.

Every property in Pennsylvania is responsible for paying real estate taxes to the local school district, municipality, and county. The tax bill that each taxing authority sends out each year is calculated by multiplying the property’s assessed value by the established millage rate. An assessed value is the value assigned to a property by the county board of assessment. The assessed value can then be multiplied by the common level ratio, which is established each year by the Department of Revenue, in order to find the property’s indicated fair market value.

If a private property owner believes that their property is over-assessed, meaning worth less than the indicated fair market value, they should consider filing an appeal.

Sample: If a property has an assessed value of 100,000 and the common level ratio is 2, the indicated fair market value would be $200,000. If the property owner believes the property was worth less than $200,000, they should consider filing an appeal.

Conversely, if a school district believes a property is under-assessed, meaning worth more than the indicated fair market value, they should consider filing an appeal to increase the assessment.


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Alex has handled assessment appeals of residential homes, hotels, shopping centers, malls, golf courses, industrial properties, and various other types.  He also lectures throughout the Philadelphia Region on tax issues,  assessment appeals and litigation.



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