Attorney Michael Barbiero participates in Liberty and Law Education Program

The Liberty and Law program began in the summer of 2009, when United States Supreme Court Justice David Souter spoke to the American Bar Association about “the risk to our constitutional government when a substantial portion of the American populous simply fails to gain the understanding of how the government works.” Justice Souter added that, “about two-thirds of the people in the United States cannot even name all of the three branches of the national government.” The civics education program has been very well received throughout area middle schools, and to date all 500+ 6th grade students in the Norristown School District have benefited from instruction. Michael L. Barbiero You can learn more about it here https://www.montgomerybar.org/for-the-public/community-outreach.php or by clicking on Liberty and Law anywhere in this article.  Michael enjoys volunteering his time to this cause. He especially loves working with the students and is beyond appreciative of their cards.