Good Luck Lilith! 🤗

“This internship experience helped me hone the skills needed to adapt to whatever the firm needed day by day. I was able to form invaluable relationships, experience a true corporate environment and apply myself in a professional setting. I am very grateful for the RC team and all they were able to teach me this summer”

(L to R) Intern, Lilith Lee, Firm Attorney, Greg Heleniak, and Intern Project Coordinator, Erin Barone in the Rudolph Clarke, LLC conference room.

Our office says farewell to our outstanding intern this week, Lilith Lee. 

Lilith is a rising senior at Rutgers University New Brunswick- School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, majoring in History and French.

Lilith was able to experience a range of opportunities at RC. She not only helped the office with day to day activities but she also helped digitize our files, create a catalog of our memorandums and helped prepare exhibit packets for several hearings.”  Said Firm Intern Project Coordinator, Erin Barone.


Additionally, Lilith was able to attend several hearings alongside attorney’s from the office including a Charter School hearing and an unemployment hearing. She also attended several monthly Township meetings and was able to attend a deposition. It was a pleasure to have Lilith join the RC team for the summer!

Please join us in thanking Lilith & wishing her best of luck in all she does. We hope to see you again soon, Lilith!