Rudolph Clarke Attorneys Obtain $872,500 in Total Settlement, for Bucks County Accident Victim

What do you do when the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for your injuries?

mo county roadwaysIn 2007, Albert stopped at a red light on Street Road near Tillman Street in Bensalem, PA. As Albert was waiting for the light to change, his car was rear-ended by another vehicle. The speeding driver had ignored the light.

Life after the accident would never be the same. Albert suffered serious and painful injuries to his cervical spine and rotator cuff. He required two cervical spine reconstruction surgeries and an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery. He spent four to six weeks in a hospital bed after each procedure. The bed rest was followed by months of physical therapy.

Albert was in severe pain. He was prescribed both pain medication and muscle relaxants to help him cope with the discomfort. However, his pain and suffering affected day to day family life in the household.

Money was also a consideration. Albert’s injuries made it impossible for him to work. The damage to his neck and shoulder left him unemployable. Albert and his wife Marie sought help from the accident attorneys at Rudolph Clarke.

The at-fault driver had insurance and maintained the 100,000 liability limit. However, this was not enough to cover Albert’s medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, Albert has underinsured motorist coverage from Donegal Insurance Group.

Attorneys Mike Clarke, and Mike Barbiero worked with the couple. They determined that Albert’s policy with Donegal Insurance provided underinsured motorist coverage in the amount of $300,000 per vehicle. These benefits could be stacked. Since Albert has three vehicles on the policy, he had $900,000 total coverage. The total settlement awarded to Albert and Marie was $872,500.00.

Don’t give up after an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. There may be other avenues for compensation. Contact Rudolph Clarke to learn more.

Client Testimonial

My husband was injured in a car accident in 2007. Because of the nature of the mishap, he sustained injuries that required 2 neck surgeries and rotator cuff surgery. He spent 4-6 weeks in a hospital bed, in our home, after each procedure, with pain meds, muscle relaxants and then months of physical therapy. His pain and suffering took a great toll on his life and our day to day family life.

When we contacted Jim Musial, his first reaction was one of quiet sympathy and support for my husband. That support continued as he accompanied my husband to evaluations of his physical and mental abilities, as well as depositions requested by the insurance company attorneys. Then after awhile, Mike Clarke became part of the team. He was strong and aggressive with the opposing counsel and throughout negotiations, he and Jim kept us constantly informed as to the progress of our case. Finally we received the compassionate but firm guidance of Mike Barbiero, who focused on the mental and emotional changes that have occurred for my husband and me during this difficult time period.

These three men exemplified the ultimate level of professionalism, legal knowledge and empathy for both the client and family member at all times. We appreciate the time and effort they put into our case and are extremely grateful to have had attorneys like them in our corner.