Rudolph Clarke, LLC named “Civil Litigator of the Year – Bucks County, 2019”

We are pleased to announce that our law firm has been recognized as “Civil Litigator of the Year 2019 – Bucks County” by U.S. Business News as part of that publication’s 2019 Legal Elite Awards.

From US Business News: “The Legal Elite awards celebrates the skill and dedication of firms, teams and individuals, from across the US, who help and support the legal process. These awards highlight the most respected lawyers and attorneys as well as their fields of expertise and the companies they represent, and focus on the incredible results that come of commitment and passion in the industry,” said Award Coordinator Kevin Cooper.   “Every one of our award winners is judged on merit alone; our internal research and judging process takes into account the votes received however, it is drive and devotion to the practice, regardless of how large or small the firm, that decides on who goes on to win one of our prestigious awards.  No matter the field – the Legal Elite of 2019 are rewarded on their accomplishments throughout the legal profession and across the entire nation.”

“All winners for the awards were the result of months of research and analysis by U.S. Business News’ dedicated awards team. As a result, each and every winner was chosen on merit only.”